The director of Drug Administration of Fujian Province

News 2019.11.212372

On November 21, 2019, a delegation of the Fujian Provincial Food and Drug Administration led by director Yu Kaihai visited Neuboron's headquarters in Nanjing. Neuboron Chairman Liu Yuanhao received the delegation and fully briefed them about China’s first accelerator-based boron neutron capture treatment system independently developed by Neuboron, as well as the progress of the company's work on technical and regulatory fronts including product R&D, plant construction, quality management system, product testing, and registration.




Impressed by Neuboron’s achievements in the BNCT field, Yu said that, facing the fierce international competition in BNCT, the administration will stay in closer contact with enterprises and solve their problems related to the approval and application formalities, so as to help them seize the opportunities in China's BNCT market and achieve sustainable and healthy development.