Neuboron Attends IAEA Technical Meeting on BNCT

News 2020.08.163140

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) held a technical meeting on advances in boron neutron capture therapy the other day. Focused on the status quo and application of accelerator-based BNCT, the meeting has attracted more than 100 participants from over 20 countries including Japan, the US, Italy, Finland, Argentina, Germany, and China. As a leading company in China's accelerator-based BNCT industry, Neuboron contributed to several special reports with multiple corporate standards becoming an important benchmark for international BNCT standards.



Having built China's first proprietary accelerator-based BNCT system, Neuboron shared its experience and innovations in aspects from neutron beam shaping assembly, BNCT facility planning and design, beam detection, to BNCT planning system. The company's achievements were highly recognized by experts. At the end of the meeting, the presiding expert pointed out that Neuboron’s core technical achievements such as TPS and beam design are of paramount importance. They provide a reliable benchmark for BNCT development and make a great contribution to the update of IAEA-TECDOC-1223.