Device Installation Starts at China's First Accelerator-based BNCT Center

News 2020.08.142906

On August 14, China's first proprietary accelerator-based BNCT facility at Xiamen Humanity Hospital entered the device installation stage, as its first high-pressure platform column was erected. This is significant headway China has made as a late starter in BNCT research.

As a pioneer and leader in China's accelerator-based BNCT industry, Neuboron has been dedicated to developing China's proprietary BNCT systems since it was founded in 2014. Its development team is formed by backbone members who have led BNCT clinical trials in Taiwan. With extensive experience in system development and clinical practices and sound international resources, Neuboron seeks to deliver sophisticated and reliable system technology as well as safe and scientific clinical applications.


After years of efforts in honing system technology and innovating key components, Neuboron has completed China’s first BNCT facility in compliance with ISO-13485. The facility has been debugged at a test factory, with the proton beam energy and intensity reaching the acceptance criteria. The facility has been proven by international experts to meet the needs of clinical applications.