China Performs First Cancer Patient Treatments in the Xiamen Humanity Hospital Using Novel Accelerator-based Radiation Oncology Therapy (BNCT)

News 2023.01.312117

Neuboron develops an advanced in-hospital NeuPex AB-BNCT medical system for clinical use at XHH Research Center.


January 31, 2023 05:00 PM UTC+8


Neuboron Medical Group (NMG), a leading global Accelerator-based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (AB-BNCT) total solution provider today announced that the first AB-BNCT cancer research center in China, Xiamen Humanity Hospital (XHH) BNCT Center has successfully performed 14 irradiations on 12 patients for its first Investigator Initiated Trial (IIT) aimed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of BNCT in the treatment of advanced refractory malignant tumors.


The clinical protocol relied on a full suite of NeuPex AB-BNCT device system and NeuMANTAÒ Treatment Planning system, boron-containing drug BPA and PET imaging drug F-BPA supplied from Neuboron.


This clinical research was launched on Oct. 9, 2022, after being validated by a large number of animal preclinical studies and approved by Xiamen Humanity Hospital’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). These twelve patients were diagnosed with recurrent head and neck, high-grade glioma, and melanoma cancers with traditional cancer therapies exhausted.


After a 3-month follow-up, the first 4 patients showed satisfactory safety and superior tumor control performance. All of them showed tumor regression. The 12 patients will have remained follow-up observation accordingly. The clinical study preliminarily not only verified the safety of the combined treatment of neutron radiation and BPA drug, but also demonstrated good clinical treatment value.